Recommended Reading

Daniel O’Connell, by Fergus O’Ferrall
Scholarly, factual, brief.  A concise but comprehensive overview of O’Connell’s life and career.

The Great Dan, by Charles Chenevix Trench 
A longer, solid, readable biography with some opinions on O’Connell’s legacy.

King of the Beggars, by Sean O’Faolain
Somewhat dated (originally published in the 1930s,) but my favorite O’Connell biography. Successfully places the events within the context of the times and dramatically illustrates O’Connell’s impact on the ordinary Irishman.

Popular Life of O’Connell, by Chrysostom Donahoe
Older (1920s,) but quite readable, it is unabashedly pro-Ireland and pro-O’Connell, hence I love it!  It does provide the basic facts as well as interesting anecdotes.

A related book I recommend is: 

The World of Mary O’Connell, by Erin I. Bishop
An interesting look at the role of women and family life in the early 1800s through the eyes of Mary O’Connell and her correspondence.