Reviewer Verbatim on THE LIBERATOR

“From the first page to the last ‘The Liberator’ held me enthralled. It is the masterful telling of a man’s life and how he rose up to lead his people against injustice.”

“I think the author made great choices. If this was a movie, I would go see it.”

“A very impressive script – you have turned a much-venerated historical figure into a living, breathing person. You have taken the facts of a time and a person in history and created an engaging narrative, which hits the dramatic highs and lows that a screenplay requires. You have certainly inspired me to learn more about the time and I really hope that your script gets produced (as it deserves to be) so that others may be similarly inspired.” 

“I thought the story was fascinating. This was a piece of history about which I know nothing.”

“Historical subjects can be all talk or filled with action. The Liberator has both. I loved this script. It lays the historical foundation for Ireland’s will to be self governed and to end English tyranny.”

“This screenplay was exceptionally well written and the story was well told.”

“It’s a very moving and important story and obviously well researched. There are evocative portrayals especially with the rural settings and the tragedy and plight of the ordinary folk is well handled.”

“This is a great script. It’s educational and provides a sense of closure for the troubles in Ireland. I genuinely hope this makes it all the way. It’s high time this story was told. I can’t suggest much in the way of improvement – it’s pretty well a finished product and a very good one at that – hence the marks!”

“I hope this story is picked up: it is cinematic and had a tremendous relevance to modern society as it shows the necessity of revolution within the law and the discipline true change involves.” 

*From third-party, screenwriter reviews submitted to Zoetrope, the virtual studio sponsored by Francis Ford Coppola.