An Original, Award-Winning Screenplay Based on the Life of Daniel O'Connell
~ His people sought a nation.  He gave them a soul. ~

'Sorry, sunk, degraded as my country is, I still glory in the title of Irishman.'
Set to the Irish persecution and rebellion of the 1800s, readers have been amazed by the true but largely unknown story of Ireland's greatest leader.  Sweeping yet intimate, THE LIBERATOR portrays Daniel O'Connell's rise from the dirt floors of a Kerry peasant cottage to the marble steps of Westminster Abbey as the first Catholic Member of Parliament in 300 years

Peerless attorney, brilliant orator, vain spendthrift and one-time dualist, O’Connell’s personality and rhetoric rallied the destitute masses and incensed the establishment.  His non-violent protest emancipated Catholics and propelled Ireland to the brink of nationhood, while his commitment to peace redefined political change and saved and inspired the Irish Diaspora.

THE LIBERATOR has been honored with several screenplay awards:

2009 Gideon Media Arts Conference & Film Festival Original Screenplay Contest
2010 PAGE International Screenplay Competition

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Armed with faith, wit and eloquence, Irish hero Daniel O'Connell leads a peaceful rebellion against English tyranny that ends 300 years of exile from Parliament.  But when the ultimate prize - Ireland’s nationhood - comes within his reach, will The Liberator remain true to the path of peace?